CS Tour & Travel

CS Tour & Travel was a company which is move at tour & travel management. With our professional personnels we give professional services. We always understand customers need with affordable price !!



We stand from 1997, at Jambi Street 31th Surabaya. Have strategic access & nice services from our personnels & guides make CS Tour & Travel always trustworthy to serve.

  • Experienced for 20 years, start from  1997
  • Have Complete Legal Permission (Akta pendirian, SIUP, TDP, NPWP)
  • Customer Satisfaction Level Reach 98%
  • Active member of International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Actiive member of (ASTINDO)
  • Active member of (HIMPUH)



Be a Trustwothy World Class Travel Agent based on Moeslem Religion





  • Do Tour & Travel business, oriented on customers satisfaction, personnel & other linked companies satisfaction
  • Increasing human capabilities qualified at Travel & Tour, and creating professional work personality based on Moeslem Religion
  • Influence the world with Indonesian Potentials at Tour & Travel
  • Yayasan Haji Muhammad Cheng Hoo Indonesia (Religion)
  • Matahari Dept. Store
  • UNAIR (University)
  • BNI Graha Pangeran (Bank)
  • BNI Sidoarjo (Bank)
  • RSU Dr. Soetomo (Hospital)
  • UNESA (University)
  • Unilever (Company)
  • Campina (Company)
  • Sampoerna Tbk. (Company)
  • DSN Pabrik Kayu (Company)
  • WIKA (Company)
  • PT. Tharmindo (Company)
  • PLN Embong Trengguli (Company)
  • TASPEN Surabaya (Company)
  • PT. Gondola (Company)